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At The Blue Strawberry

We appreciate that at times children are ill; we will endeavor to support you through these times as effectively as possible.

We are more than happy to administer any medication that has been prescribed by a GP. A child prescribed Antibiotics can return to Nursery once they have taken the medication for 48 hours providing that they are not poorly or had any adverse reactions. After this time we will continue to administer it on your behalf.

Calpol or Nurofen can be administered to those children who need it with parental consent. If there is an emergency and the child is unwell with a temperature, the nursery will administer these medications with prior consent and on the condition that someone will collect the child from Nursery. The Blue Strawberry will not maintain a child on Calpol or Nurofen to mask a continuous temperature.

We will require prior written consent in order to administer any medication for ongoing conditions, such as: Asthma, Eczema and Nappy Rash Cream.

If you believe that your child is unwell, we ask that you carefully consider whether Nursery is the most suitable place for them.

With a contagious illness or condition children will be excluded from Nursery for the appropriate time, in line with Health Authority regulations and guidelines.

A copy of our Sickness Chart NEW is available.

Our last Ofsted inspection at The Blue Strawberry nursery in Leamington Spa, took place on 23rd August 2019 and we achieved a ‘Outstanding’ rating.

The nursery was described by Ofsted as follows;

‘The outside environment is excellent. Younger children have access to additional areas, specifically designed to ignite their imagination. An innovative construction area is highly effective in developing children’s physical skills and the use of their senses.’

‘Children’s behaviour is exemplary. They learn to treat each other with kindness and tolerance, and they share and take turns. Children relish opportunities to participate in celebrations, such as ‘African day’, which hugely enhances their understanding of equality and diversity.’

‘Children are making outstanding progress, taking account of their starting points. They develop strong early language skills.’

‘Children’s emotional well-being and inclusion are exceptionally high priorities. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are cared for by staff who are passionate and enthusiastic about the job they do.’

Our staff

‘The management team has extremely high expectations of themselves and the staff team. Managers are extremely effective in reflecting on their own practice and take swift action to improve the already exemplary quality of the provision.’

‘Staff are highly skilled in supporting children’s social and emotional well-being. Children form exceptionally close relationships with staff and are extremely happy in their care.’

‘Teaching is exceptional. Staff develop close relationships with children. They work very well with parents to enhance continued learning at home. Staff have high expectations for all children to achieve the best possible outcomes. Precise assessments ensure that planning is highly focused around the skills children will need. The extensive range of exhilarating activities motivate children to learn.

Staff are positive role models for children. They are extremely nurturing, kind and caring. Staff encourage and support children to respect each other and think about how their actions have an impact on their friends.

Staff are highly attentive, and they show a real interest in what children say. Children receive high levels of praise and reassurance. This strongly supports children to thrive and excel in this exciting environment.

Our unique Ofsted reference numbers are:

Leamington Spa EY376833

You can read the full report on the link below:

Our unique Ofsted reference numbers are:

Cawston EY359352

You can read the full report on the link below: