Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

Our last Ofsted inspection at the Blue Strawberry nursery in Leamington took place on 24th November 2014 and we achieved a ‘good’ rating. 

The environment
The Blue Strawberry in Leamington was described as a ‘safe, relaxed and comfortable environment where all adults and children are warmly welcomed and valued.’

‘Children are having lots of fun and making good progress in all areas of learning and development. Space inside and outside is plentiful and children enjoy easy access to a wide variety of good quality resources.’

‘All children enjoy regular access to the safe and secure outdoor area where they can use a range of equipment including climbing frames, slides, wheeled toys and balls.’

‘Pre-school children visit the gym at a neighbouring school on a twice weekly basis’ and get ‘lots of practice with regard to self-help skills.’

Our staff
‘Staff successfully promote all aspects of children’s learning and development and know the children well.’

We ‘structure the day flexibly and carefully plan around children’s individual needs and preferences.’

‘Staff talk to parents of ‘new’ children about home routines and flexible settling in procedures allow children to settle at a pace that suits them and their parents.’

‘Staff are at hand to offer help and support and they actively encourage children through lots of praise for both achievement and effort.’

We were also seen to ‘show a strong commitment towards continuous improvement’ and have ‘suitable systems in place for self-evaluation.’

‘Regular communication between the registered person, management and the staff team means that good practice and the desire to make the setting the best that they can is encouraged and shared.’

‘Regular two-way communication between staff and parents helps to support children’s learning and development and encourages continuity and consistency of care. Good quality information is shared with parents and those spoken to during the inspection comment positively on the many aspects of the nursery. For example, they comment on the caring staff, the quality of the food and the wide variety of experiences available to their children.’

The Ofsted report also commented on the wide range of nutritious and healthy snacks available, the high standards of hygiene evident throughout the nursery and the good behaviour of the children we look after.

You can read the full report through the link on the homepage. Our unique Ofsted reference numbers are:-

Leamington Spa EY376833

Cawston EY359352

We actively encourage parents to visit The Blue Strawberry to look around, meet our staff and see for themselves the quality of our nursery facilities and the childcare we provide. Call us on 01926 886900 to arrange an informal visit.

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